Corporate Service
Corporate Activities

At BHIRC, we believe that in order to curb the occurrence of heart diseases in India, community service is of paramount importance.

Every month corporate affiliated to BHIRC can make use of special clinics   and programs organized for spreading the awareness of heart related   diseases. Some of the corporate attached to Baroda Heart Institute &   Research Center are given below.

The corporate services consist of two kinds of health check ups programs,

( 1 ) Complete Health Check-Up Program.
( 2 ) Complete Cardiac Check Program.   

Special Clinics

  • This is a step further in the direction to aid recovery of patients who have undergone heart attack or cardiac surgery, or for ones who are at high risk of having heart disease.

Pacemaker Clinic

  • This Clinic is manned by exclusively trained cardiologists. who examine patients implanted with pacemakers, sophisticated instruments, help study the pacemakers functioning, programme it properly and help patients in getting maximum benefit from it.

Hypertension and Lipid Clinic

  • This clinic offers patients with high blood cholesterol and high blood lipid (triglyceride) levels. proper investigation, evaluation, care and treatment.

Pediatric Cardiac Clinic

  • The clinic is devoted exclusively to children with heart diseases. All children are attended by a consultant to pediatric Cardiology.

Diet Clinic

  • Diet clinic is a new concept towards the prevention and treatment of heart disease & other body ailments, It is managed by a group of experienced dieticians helped by a team of doctors to provide proper dietary counselling.