Pediatric Heart Care Services

Diagnostic Services

  • Cardiac Cath
  • Foetal Echo Cardiogram

Treatment Services


  • ASD Device Closure
  • Valvotomies
  • Coarctation of Aorta
  • Coil Occlusion of A ortopulmonary Collaterals


  • Repair of Congenital Heart Disease


Cardiac Catheterization

  • Cardiac catheterization is a general term, which means placement of a catheter in the heart. The catheter in the heart can be used to measure chamber pressures, inject dyes and other medications, passage of wires, balloons, or other devices, measuring oxygen saturations or mapping the electrical conduction.

Foetal Echo Cardiography

  • It is an ultrasound examination of the baby's heart in the mother's womb.